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Sell your car to a scrap dealer: a good solution?

Your car is old or in a bad state, getting your vehicle back by a scrap dealer, a wrecker to get rid of it may seem like a good solution: but it’s never a good thing to recover a little bit money, quite the contrary.

How to sell your car as is?

The recovery of a car for parts in the state is no longer possible for an individual since 2009 for a VHU. You must contact a professional VHU center for any HS or irreparable vehicle.

If the car is rolling, it is possible to sell his car to an individual or a professional but it is not necessarily profitable or simple. You need the famous for used scrap metals for this.

Selling to an individual

The administrative formalities are more complicated (certificate of non-pledge etc.) for the transfer of a vehicle to an individual and this sometimes represents a risk. On the other hand, it is possible to obtain a better price if one is patient and one knows how to negotiate.

Selling to a professional like a dealer or a mechanic: the steps are easier because the professional takes care of everything are there. On the other hand, the redemption price will always be lower. It is an easy way.

What solution to resell then?

The company offers a powerful tool for estimating the rating of your car to sell your car quickly according to market prices. After completing the free form, you will immediately get the price of recovery (first estimate). You will be able to make an appointment with a technician of our partner network to have the offer of final recovery during a meeting of 30 minutes. You do not even need to do the technical control. Get the perfect reputable signage company in singapore now for your requirement.

The secrets of effective signage

Remember, the sign is the first impression about you. And it is known to be the strongest. Hence, the influence on the choice of a potential client will be the first. That is why we always recommend our customers to entrust the design of the signboard to professional and creative designers.


Not only we, but all of our customers have long since established themselves in the opinion that our specialists create only working signs. We know how to properly use special techniques to make the layout of the sign noticeable, readable, in a word, effective.

Rules for creating an effective sign:

Visual accessibility

Information on the sign should be clearly visible. If the sign is placed in a room where there is insufficient lighting or it is completely absent, it is recommended to use illuminated letters or create a design in which three-dimensional elements are placed against a dark background. As a result, they will seem larger and easier to distinguish.


Your text should be offered to your clients in such a way that its assimilation takes place without tension. Studies of this problem have shown that the most effective option is the yellow letters on a black background or the black letters on a yellow background.


In order for the sign to look harmonious and easily perceived, its text must be made in clear language, there must be sufficient spaces between the words, and between the elements of the sign (logo, symbol) the necessary distances.

Refer to the professionals, follow the rules in the design and design of outdoor advertising and your signs will amaze, attract attention and bring the desired effect.