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Descriptive Essay on Yourself

The worst thing to write your essay about is a subject that is too familiar to you, do you agree? You are lost for words, as you are too aware of the subject, there are so many aspects that you could touch upon, so what are the main ones? Let us imagine that your professor is very cruel and managed to give you the most impossible homework topic: a descriptive essay about your own self. For some people it might not be a problem, but if you are at a loss of where to start, how to proceed and where to end, you have picked the best article that will surely help you. Please keep on reading! Here are some tips on these type of essays.

Mirror Challenge

The focal point of your piece is yourself – the key is to be recognizable to people who you have never met before. How to do it right? Pick up a mirror or take a selfie and jot down the most prominent features you have. Do not try to beautify yourself, or, on the other hand, to be self-deprecating. Imagine that you are looking at somebody else and describing them to your friend. That means that you should refrain from subjective comments that will compromise you. You would not say that a stranger has a really ugly nose or that their eyes are too close on their face or their acne is awful, would you? That is why, treat yourself kindly too. Actually, the flaws that you see may seem beautiful to a stranger, so do not dismiss them.

Ask Your Friends

Sure, your friends may be too kind to you, but you still can ask them a few phrases they would choose to describe “their obedient servant” to someone else. Give them some time to gather their thoughts, as they may not know how to respond on the spot. You will find many surprising details to ponder upon, and you will definitely have another point of view to work with then you are done with the questioning. Do not turn it into a praise show, but rather think about it as a great exercise to self-discovery.

Pass a Test

There are a lot of personality tests online that can truly guide you to discover yourself better. Do not choose those funny test on Facebook, rather some personality tests from reliable sources. These tests can not only help you compose an essay, but discover yourself better, particularly some points that you would like to further develop in your personality, or some amazing points that make you a wonderful person. Remember, that you should reply truthfully if you want to get honest results and write an excellent essay about a real fleshed-out person.

Talents and Drawbacks

You can immerse yourself in self-analysis and explore the devil and the angel in you. Not everyone is ideal and perfect, and you should not write only about your good sides. At the same time, everyone has some talents or good traits, so do not be self-deprecating all the time. Try to balance these two things in your essay, so that they create your wonderful character. Think about ways that you can improve. If you have some difficulties with this one, pretend that you are at a job interview, a date or a presentation and the person sitting across from you asks you such questions. It may be a revelation that will help your life become better.

Your Quirks 

Every person has a quirk. This part of your essay may be hard to identify, but you should definitely pay some attention to it, as your quirks are like the cherry on top of the cake: they make you memorable and interesting. Maybe you are very forgetful, and always have to do some sort of secret gesture when you leave the house to make sure that you remembered to lock the door or turn off the gas. Maybe you like quoting famous people, or always wear yellow on Thursdays, or know the words to all Marvel movies. Your quirks make you stand out in amazing ways, so you should definitely include them.

A Childhood Story

Ask your parents or grandparents or siblings about some childhood story featuring yourself that you do not remember anymore. It should be a story that illustrates your personality well. For example, if you were a kind and generous child, it may be a story about how you shared your last candy with your little sister, even if you really did not want to do it on the inside. Or it can be a funny story about how you were misunderstanding some words or pronounced them wrong. After you interview your relatives, write down what you discovered, and think of a way to incorporate it in your essay. It should be relevant to your character and how other people see you.

Your Ideology

You can also take it up a notch and focus on your worldview or your life’s purpose. You can ponder about your contributions to society or your views on global economy. These opinions contribute to your persona, so do not discard them. You are valuable and worthy of disclosing your ideology, however humble, as it is a crucial part of yourself.