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If we decide to change the general practitioner, because it no longer meets our needs or the relationship of trust has broken, we can do so by contacting the Offices chosen and revoked by our Local Health Authority. We are required to present the self-certification of residence, the tax code and the health card.

It is important to motivate the reasons for our decision, the doctor has the right to know why he has been rejected and it is also essential for the local health authority to know what is the opinion and assessment that citizens have of doctors working in their area. Let us remember that even the family doctor has the right to interrupt the relationship with his patient, this happens if the relationship of trust has been undermined by a serious incompatibility.

  • Choose according to your personal criteria an institution or a doctor. You can also take advice from friends or find out about doctors in the nearest clinic.
  • Check if you can already sign the declaration in the chosen institution. Help in this sticker “Here you can choose your doctor” in the electronic health system.
  • Bring your passport, identification code and mobile phone. If you need to sign a declaration for a child under 14 years old, take also a birth certificate of the child.
  • Contact the registry of the medical institution and tell them you want to sign the declaration.
  • An authorized health care provider (registry worker, nurse or doctor) will enter your data into the electronic system. The mobile will receive SMS with the code. Report this code to the agency employee.
  • From the electronic system a declaration with your data is printed. Carefully check to see if all of your data is correct. If necessary, the institution employee will make changes to the system and print the declaration again. Sign two copies of the printed declaration. One you take with you, the other remains in the institution.
  • The employee of the institution confirms your declaration with an electronic signature and sends it to the electronic system.

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Oil in Fish for a Blooming Heart ‘Hogwash’

Cochrane researchers looked at tests in over 100,000 individuals and also discovered little proof that it prevented heart disease.


They state the opportunity of obtaining any purposeful take advantage of taking omega-3 is one in 1,000.


A renowned food nutritionist implies consuming oily fish, nevertheless, could still be recommended as the component of a healthy and balanced diet.


The review mainly looked at supplements instead of omega-3 from eating fish. Specialists still think the last is good for the heart as well as general wellness.


The NHS claims individuals ought to aim to eat two parts of fish weekly, among which must be oily fish, such as salmon, fresh tuna or mackerel, to obtain enough “great” fats.


Omega-3 is a family of fats that consist of.


ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) – which the body cannot create itself, however, is located in vegetable oils, nuts and also seeds.

EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and also DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) – which the body could make from ALA yet are likewise existing in oily fish and even fish oils, consisting of cod liver oil.

Some brand names of milk, yogurt, bread, and also spreads have extra omega-3 (normally AHA) included in them.


But when it pertains to fish oil supplements, Cochrane lead author, Dr. Lee Hooper, from the College of East Anglia, stated: “We can be decisive in the findings of this evaluation which violate the great idea that long-chain omega-3 supplements secure the heart.


” This comprehensive systematic evaluation consisted of details from lots of thousands of individuals over long periods.


” In spite of all this information, we don’t see protective results.


” The testimonial offers excellent proof that taking long-chain omega-3 [fish oil, EPA or DHA] supplements do not profit heart health or reduce our danger of stroke or fatality from any reason.


” The most trustworthy research studies constantly revealed little or no effect of long-chain omega-3 fats on cardiovascular health and wellness.”.


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Some fish consist of small amounts of chemicals that might be unsafe if consumed in lots.


Shark, marlin, and swordfish may have small amounts of mercury and also need to have stayed clear of by women that are pregnant or planning a child and even by all youngsters under 16.


Other groups should eat no more than one section of these fish weekly.


Prof Tom Sanders, a nutrition specialist at King’s College London as well as honorary supervisor of Heart UK, claimed: “Existing dietary standards to stop heart disease urge fish intake, rather than taking supplements.


” This research study supplies no proof to recommend that this dietary advice needs to change.”.


Prof Tim Chico, a cardiologist from Sheffield College, claimed: “There was a period where people that had suffered a cardiovascular disease were prescribed these on the NHS. This quite some years back.


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” Such supplements featured a significant cost, so my guidance to anyone getting them in the hope that they reduce the threat of heart disease, I ‘d recommend them to spend their loan on vegetables instead.”.