How to increase conversion after purchase

There are several rules to increase conversion after purchase:
act without delay: clients wish to know that payment is accepted;
let remember you: use strong branding and you will get a fixed contact;
show excellent manners: thank clients for the fact that you were chosen;
help: offer the recommendations of products and send information on receipt of new;
be open for feedbacks: listen to your clients and obtain the valuable social evidence;
ask about sharing: sharing on social networks and referral programs will help you to create the base of clients quicker;
automation: no matter whether you sell for 10 or 10 thousand clients, create unforgettable campaigns and content which meets their needs.
You can use one of the previously developed templates or create own scenario. At the beginning determine what moment the scenario begins from. Use CRM to choose the best one on the basis of clients’ preferences. Choose the one if you do not use it yet or find out what is CRM
Several examples:

The visitor was redirected to the page of gratitude after the purchase of a certain product;
The user filled in a form and joined the base of clients;
There was an updating of the value of the adjusted field, for example, date of the last purchase;
The involvement and a customer retention are the main factors influencing conversion.
Still, nobody could construct confidential and long-term customer relations for one evening. Really to carry away the audience, efforts and creation of the involving, corresponding letters — already even after the first contact with a brand are necessary.
How is it possible to achieve it? You can create the loyalty program and award the most active buyers, offering special discounts and exclusive offers — users will return to you willingly.

Determination of leads will help you to distinguish such clients. Combining tagging, scoring, and segmentation, you can focus attention on the most loyal and valuable clients. Further just send very targeted offer which clients won’t be able to refuse.