Which one is best so far: Choose your keywords or key phrases?

A good tyler collins reputation management is above all a story of good keywords, or rather key phrases. To be well referenced, it is above all necessary to understand the target user, to determine what they are looking for and especially how they are looking for it. Which query will they enter in his search engine? These queries are your keywords. To search for its key words is in fact to determine key expressions. By definition, an expression is actually more accurate than a word. In addition, referencing an expression like Beziers home cooking class will clearly be more effective than fighting to appear first on Google on the word cooking or even cooking class.In addition to being less competitive, keyword phrases will provide you with a much higher conversion rate.

How to choose your keywords and finally key phrases?

List the keywords that come to mind. Remember that above all you are also a surfer and you too use major search engines. Latest keywords will allow you to identify the keywords used by your competitors and compare the status of your SEO on these expressions.Google provides you with a tool to help with the definition of keywords. Vital keywords are the essential words for your activity. The words you use imperatively to describe your activity. Do you have an online clothing store? Your key words will be clothing, shop, pants, T-shirt etc. Do you have a real estate agency? Your key words will be sale, rental, house and apartment.

Important keywords to follow

Important keywords are the words used to describe your activity but which alone do not define you in a relevant way. The combination of your vital words and your important words give you more or less relevant expressions.This is the complete list of phrases from the combination of your vital keywords / key words, instinctive keywords, competitor key phrases, and Google keyword phrases.Your Strong Expressions column will likely contain hundreds or even thousands of proposals. It is now important to sort out by ensuring the interest of its expressions and the level of competition they are subject to.

Conclusion: effective keywords

Above all, you must check the relevance of your strong expressions. Are they really used by Internet users? To analyze the search volume of your strong expressions, you will use two tools. Google trend can analyze the trend of your strong expression. Is it growing? Is it less and less used? Ad words is Initially designed to help you get started with your Adwords campaigns, this tool will allow you to check the search volume of your strong expression as well as its level of competition. Once you have determined strong to high potential expressions, you will need to check the level of competition.